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EndoVein's Endothelial Therapy Systems provide patients with a quick and safe alternative to systemic drug therapy and surgery for the management of vascular and veinous complications.
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During Treatment

Patient is sitting upright and not moving excessively

Two electrodes must be used during treatment

One electrode is behind each calf, held in place by an adhesive band

Only Bare Skin in touch with the electrodes (no Lotion)

Expect some tingling in and around the muscle and skin tissue in the treated area

Electrodes should not be disturbed while the System is on

Clothing can be worn over electrodes however no clothing should be in between the electrode and the treated area's skin tissue

What Patients Can Expect What Care Providers Can Expect

* 20 - 25 minutes per treatment session

* Instantaneous system feedback

* Short time to observable improvement

* No systemic side effect

* Quick 3-4 minute to setup or breakdown & stow

* A non-invasive alternative for certain patients who have already exhausted drug therapies without attaining desired benefits

* A non-systemic treatment alternative for patients who can ill-support another side-effect associated with further drug therapy

* A non-surgical treatment alternative to manage vascular and veinous complications

* Immediate improvement in patient therapy compliance

* Hands Free Operations

* Near ZERO maintenance

MADE IN FRANCE Quality Assurance

The EndoVein Endothelial Professional Therapy System is entirely MADE IN FRANCE.

100% of all work is done in FRANCE to assure total quality control and strict adherence to the highest international industrial and medical standards.

Research Engineering
Design Manufacturing
Component Sourcing Clean Room Assembly

All suppliers and contractors have been rigorously vetted and monitored by EndoVein Engineers and Scientists to assure full compliance with all European Community's highest ISO certifications.

Click above to learn more about our commitment to the highest standards in Design and Engineering.



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